February 27, 2024

Brain Power – These Foods Will Boost Your Brain Function

Exam and assignment season can be very stressful. Having a good studying schedule is very important, but so is food. The right nutrition, can help to boost your brain functions and help you to remember things easier, better and faster. Research shows, that eating the right food when studying, has a much stronger impact on our study success than expected. In this article, we will show you what to eat, in order to boost your brain function and get the best studying results.

Avocado Oil

Brain Power – These Foods Will Boost Your Brain Function

Dark Chocolate

There is a main assumption that chocolate is not good for our body, this however is very wrong! While milk and white chocolate shouldn’t be eaten in high amounts, dark chocolate is actually one of the most healthy foods out there! Dark chocolate is full of healthy antioxidants and minerals. Besides boosting your brain function, it reduces inflammations and may lower the risk of heart diseases. You might think that every dark chocolate is the same, that however is very wrong. In order for the dark chocolate to actually benefit to your health, it has to have a portion of 70% cocoa.


There are many already prepared “study food packages”, that are including nuts. Nuts are known to be one of the most famous brain boosting foods. Nuts are containing Zinc and Vitamin E and are very high in their DHA concentration and Omega-3 fatty acid. A great portable studying including nuts are trail mixes. These are including nuts, granola and dried berries and if you are more of a sweet tooth you can even add some candy.


Did you known that eggs are a real brain booster? They include a variety of important nutrients and vitamins such as selenium (an antioxidant that helps to boost your immune system), choline and Vitamin B12. All these vitamins are essential for a good neurological system and help you to boost your brain functions. Eggs are not only delicious but easy to make and to in cooperate into your dishes. From hard boiled eggs, over omelette, to avocado sunny side up sandwich.


Avocados are one of the most popular food right now. Besides being good for healthy hair, skin and nails, they are also an amazing brain boosting nutrition. Avocados are containing a lot of vitamins that are important for a healthy brain function, such as lutein and carotenoid, that are great for healthy eyes and a brain boost. Avocados can be eaten in many ways. You can either enjoy a great avocado toast with feta to boost your brain function, or maybe a delicious avocado salad.


Omega-3s fats are essential for a healthy brain function, and a great food containing a high amount of these fats is fish. Fish, such as salmon, is a great food to boost your brain function and to keep your hair, nails and skin healthy. Salmon is not only tasty, but also super easy to make! You can either eat a salmon filet, salmon sushi or maybe salmon pasta. No matter in what combination you will eat your salmon, it will give you the brain boost you need.